You can order the new LEFKI SYMPHONIA album titled San Ton Ilio/Like The Sun.LP/LP Limited,digipack CD here:

Lefki Symphonia returns with the new album “San ton ilio /Like the Sun”.

The album contains 10 compositions:
Mehri Ton Thanato/Until Death
Me Mia Kravgi/With A Scream
Mavro Fos/Black Light
Dream Within A Dream
Svise Ta Ihni/Erase The Signs
San Ton Ilio/ Like The Sun
Hronia Siopila/Silent Years
Eki Pu O Anemos Rotai Gia Esena/There Where The Wind Is Asking For You

Lyrics: Theodoros Dimitriou
Dream Within A Dream:Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe
San Ton Ilio/ Like The Sun: Theodoros Dimitriou/Poetry of Romos Filiras (I Did Not Rise Up High)

Music: Theodoros Dimitriou/Diogenis Chatzistefanidis
Mehri Ton Thanato/Until Death and Minima/Message music by Theodoros Dimitriou

Arranged by Lefki Symphonia

Theodoros Dimitriou(vocals)
Kostas Mihalos (guitar)
Diogenis Chatzistefanidis(bass)
Vangelis Tsimplakis(drums)

The new tracks perfectly serve the band’s dark wave – post punk – dark rock style in a very contemporary way. The band also incorporates melancholic and atmospheric soundscapes with psychedelic and progressive colors .The 2 singles released (Mehri Ton Thanato/Until Death &
San Ton Ilio/ Like The Sun) have been widely accepted by the fans and the new album has been awaited for months now. A release that stands without any effort, right next to the group’s previous gems, which were so decisive for the Greek independent and dark scene.

Recording, mixing, mastering: hector.d
Band Photos;Kanella Klimatsida
Cover,Artwork: Melanie Merges-Dimitriou

Released by Labyrinth of Thoughts records & The Lab records in 3 editions:
200 copies in silver vinyl
300 copies in black vinyl
200 copies on digipack cd
All editions are accompanied by extensive inlays with lyrics in Greek and English.


New wave/Gothic Rock/Darkwave band formed in February 1984 in Athens, Greece.
LEFKI SYMPHONIA recorded four albums,appeared in numerous compilations and toured in Greece,Spain,Roumania and Germany during 1986-2000.

Their first album titled Mυστικοί Kήποι-Mistiki Kipi-Secret Gardens, was released in April 1986…